Nevada City FreeHealth is a new community based initiative to stimulate discussion, and begin to shift the standard disease based medical model toward a more human friendly approach. Based on the sustainable living concept, that the best way to deal with trash is to not make any, our FreeHealth approach is to support the ongoing health which is available to all of us for free. Our hope is to educate and help people to make choices to secure fresh clean water, eat good healthy non-toxic food, find a safe place to rest, and allow their bodies to relax and breath freely.

Hands-on body work from professional osteopaths, acupuncturists, and massage therapists will be available on an informal basis at our clinics. These sessions are not intended to diagnose or treat disease, but are provided as a supportive aspect to free the natural breathing process within each person.

In our modern day it is too expensive to be sick, so why not stop by and come back to Life the FreeHelath way.

Our main medicines are fresh chicken vegetable soup, and sauerkraut as a way to restore the vital forces that the human body was designed to utilize. Try it, you’ll like it, and you may find the beauty that bubbles forth with every breath.

Nevada City FreeHealth…….. when you can’t afford to be sick.

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